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  • When you have logged on you can process quick reports
    • Note: if you press the link in the email sent to you as recipient of report when a new case has been created, you will be able to go directly to the report without following the directions below. You may have to log in.
  • The first screen you will see is a “Status Quo”. This shows the status for the company of essential parts of the HSE- and QA reporting.
    • This depends on your user rights in the system. If you have “less” rights, you will only see a button for registering a new report or only a table view of all reports
  • On the left side of the screen you will see the main menu – click on “Quick reports” to open up two choices.
  • Click on “Table” to go to the screen where you can create a report
  • The main screen for all quick reports is shown – it is here you can search and find existing reports.
  • Choose for example you name in the search field “Receiver of report”. Click on “Search”.
  • The result of the search will be shown in the table
    • Note: it is only cases with the status “Open” (red) or “In progress” (yellow) that will be shown. If you want to find closed reports, you need to choose this in the field “Status” in the search area.
  • Find the relevant report in the table below the search area
  • Press the button to start handling the report
    • If you hold the mouse on the button in the column “Action” you will get information about the meaning of the different buttons.
  • The report opens, and you can read through what it is all about
  • Scroll down to the section for “Processing and analysis”
  • Fill in information as directed
    • The person chosen for “Responsible for action” will receive an email notifying him/her, that he/she is defined as responsible for handling when the report is stored the next time
    • Go directly to “Save” if it is another person who should execute this
    • The report will get status “In progress” (yellow)
  • Either it is a different person or yourself who is responsible for handling the information, it must be entered as directed
    • The steps above must also be done by the responsible for processing
  • Enter the date for closure and who has closed the report.
  • Sign electronically with the mouse (if function activated)
  • Save the report and it will get status “Closed” (green).


See how the Receiver of Report (Report Owner) can start processing a report

See how the Responsible for Action can process ant tasks he/she have been given

See how the Report Owner can close a report where all actions have been closed