1. Create users of the system (only Admin can do this)
    1. Log in using the details you have been given for admin access. It is the same login details used for both web and app (this goes for all users of the system; same credentials for web (database) and app)).
    2. It is not necessary to create individual users if you do not want to. Then everyone can just use the details that have been sent, but keep in mind that this gives everyone extended rights to the system and prevents certain parts of the system from being exploited optimally (e.g. the use of individual names of employees in forms and reports)
    3. Determine whether the user should be a potential receiver of reports (report owner / case manager) or potentially responsible for action.
      1. This is done in the same window that users are created / managed
  2. Ask employees to install the app, log in with the credentials given/created and fill in the general information in the app’s settings
  3. Start using the system for what you need – see user guide details depending on whether it’s on the web or in the app
    1. Creating and executing projects, including filling out checklists
    2. Record and process nonconformities and unwanted events
    3. Conduct general risk analysis and safe job analysis
    4. Checking in and out of workplaces (electronic crew list)
    5. Fill in time sheets
    6. Read / retrieve governing documents (procedures, instructions, forms, etc.)
    7. Send notifications via the Info Centre
    8. Create HSEQ Plans using the Planner-module