See an animated instruction video at the end of the page

  • When logged in you can create quick reports in the same way as you can in the app
  • The first screen you will see is a “Status Quo”. This shows the status for the company on essential parts of the HSE- and QA reporting
    • This will depend on your rights in the system. If you have “less” rights, you will only see a button to register a new report or only a table with all the reports
  • On the left side of the screen you will see the main menu – press “Quick reports” to open up two choices
  • Press “Table” to go to the screen where you can create a report
  • The main screen for all quick reports is shown – here you can search and find existing reports (described further down).
  • Click on “Add report” (button to the right in the table with the overview of all existing reports).
  • Choose relevant report type
  • Click in the different fields to add information
    • You find both date fields, fields with pre-defined choice alternatives and free text in the reports
    • Fields marked with a red star MUST be completed
    • If you want continuous updates on the case, you also need to add your email address
  • If you want to add a picture file or an associated document to the report, you can do that in the field for “Appendix”. You can add as many appendices as you wish.
  • When you have completed the report, you click “Send” and the report will be stored and a notification is automatically sent to the person chosen as “Receiver of report”
  • Depending on your user rights in the system you can either go back to the table view or start case handling of the report directly (if you yourself is the one to do so).

See a video of how to add a Quick Report