• The reporter creates a new case /quick report
  • The recipientof the report is chosen
  • The reporter press “Send”


  • The case/ the report is recieved in HSEQ Reports
  • HSEQ Reports enteres the chosen recipients
  • The recipient is per definition the report owner and will recieve email about the case


  • The report owner (recipient of the report) starts handling the cas
  • The report owner creates action points (if any) and defines who is responsible for action
  • The responsible for the action receives email about the action
  • The reporter recieves an email altering him/her that the case has changed status from Open to Under Construction


  • The responsible for action executes their tasks / make sure it is executed
  • The responsible for action makes a note in the case that his action(s) is considered closed
  • The report owner recieves an email that one or more action points have been marked as closed/completed


  • The report owner closes the case by completing the relevant missing information
  • The report owner marks the case as closed and saves it
  • The case / report changes status to Closed
  • The reporter receives an email stating that the case is completed