We deliver innovative and easy to use reporting and processing tools for Safety and Quality in whatever language you need. Stop using pen and paper and stop spending unecessary time on manual work. Get digitized with the HSEQ-tools from Mellora today. Start off totally FREE and experience how streamlined submitting HSEQ-reports might be. Continue to use our tool for free (with limited features), or upgrade to a full business version when you feel like it. 

Mellora –  We Know How!

Keep It Simple

We believe that one of the biggest mistakes many organizations do, is to build their HSEQ-systems way too difficult for the users to understand. This very often result in a lack of reporting, and the systems will in fact work against the company instead of for it. Therefor we have a simple mantra in Mellora; Keep It Simple. Why? Because it works!
Can be used by any organization

Can be used by any organization

We deliver HSEQ-tools that are understandable for everyone, not only Safety/Quality professionals. HSEQ means the same for all companies.

Easy to use for everyone

Easy to use for everyone

By letting a hand-held device be the front-line tool it is possible to keep things at a very easy level. See something and report it within seconds.

Cost-reducing and innovative

Cost-reducing and innovative

Our digital solutions for HSEQ-reporting, processing, analyzing and improving saves time and money and creates enthusiasm around the HSEQ-tasks.

Comply with all standards and requiremets

Using an HSEQ-app from Mellora and HSEQ Reports, our online processing tool for analysing and continuous improvements, will make your company fulfill requirements sat various Safety, Quality, Environmental and Security standards and other guidelines, laws and regulations.

Occupational health & safety



Use it on all devices

Use the HSEQ-tools from Mellora on both desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones. Be updated and look at statistics with a few keystrokes wherever you are at whatever time. Having access to your reporting- and processing tools wherever you are in the world via the world wide web simplifies your HSEQ-process and makes your improvement work very cost effective.
  • Submit HSEQ-reports and include pictures

  • Fill out checklists related to Safety and Quality etc.

  • Perform Risk Analyzis with some keystrokes

  • Keep governing documents updated and always available


Safety and Quality Reporting with a few keystrokes

Safety and Quality reporting has never been easier. Use our FREE and FULLY OPERATIONAL app "HSEQ+" to submit HSEQ-reports with a few keystrokes.

No registration needed

You may use it as long as you want, and you do not need to register with us at all. Use the links below to find it in your appstore.

Upgrade only if you want to

Get in touch with us to find out more about customised versions and our online system HSEQ Reports - www.hseqreports.com

Highlights of our tools


Report fast and simple by choosing among the pre-defined values!


Get the tool made just as you need it and according to your graphical profile.


Process reports and view statistics fast and easy. Connect your customised HSEQ-app to HSEQ Reports.


A picture says more than a thousand written words. Snap and add it!


Report-types that can be used in all companies and organizations. It is no need to make HSEQ difficult.


HSEQ Reports adapts to all screen format, making it possible to work from A to Z directly on your phone or tablet.

App Screenshots

Below is a set of screenshots from our standard version of our tool. Scroll to it and see the clean layout, understandable buttons and logical structure of it all. The app and online tool are available in e.g. English, Norwegian, German, Spanish and Polish. Why make common sense difficult ...?
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Start using HSEQ+ today!

Use the links below to go directly to the stores or search for HSEQ+ in either App Store or Google Play. Install our free app and start using it within seconds. Submit improvement reports, perform safety walks or document safe job analysis. All for free, no strings attached. When ready, get in touch to find out more how a business-version of the app, together with HSEQ Reports can be used to improve your organisation even more.