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We offer customers who use HSEQ Reports as their tool for managing HSE and quality various relevant course and training packages that will participate in and further strengthen the HSE and quality work in the company. The training can be a purely technical training in how to use the tool, or it can be a combination of how to use HSEQ Reports technically as well as professionally correct to meet requirements set by e.g. authorities or certification body. In addition, we can offer special courses that focus on the human factors around a good HSE and quality culture in the company.

Technical and professional HSEQ training

HSEQ Reports will simplify and improve the HSE and quality work in the company considerably if the tool is used correctly. Although you strictly do not have to carry out any special form of training before the tool is used, it may be relevant to get professional help to:

Be able to use HSEQ Editor to customize the tool to best suit the company.

Be able to register, process and analyse deviations etc. in the best possible way.

Be able to use the tool as a complete tool for good HSE and Quality Management.

Mental HSE and quality

Mental presence at work can often be challenging in most work environments. Stress and non-work-related thoughts can affect how the work is carried out and have an effect on the quality of the product / service delivered and not least on the overall risk picture. We offer courses / training with a focus on how to:
  • Strengthen the participants’ attention and ability to stay focused.

  • Observe themselves and their surroundings, and to be present with things as they are with an open, curious and accepting attitude.

  • Challenge the participant’s autopilot and make more conscious choices.

  • Use one's own breath as a tool to reduce stress, which can greatly affect both the quality of the work and the general health, environment and safety perspective.

We can arrange digital or physical company courses and gatherings where the course participants get a thorough introduction to the use of the HSEQ system in order to be able to use it as best as possible in everyday work. For customers who want an extra twist to it all, we can conduct the courses at our location in Alicante, Spain, perhaps in conjunction with other courses/training in what we call “Mental HSE and Quality”.

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