Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I create new fields myself?

    No, you cannot create new fields in quick reports or in other modules, this is something we have to do. However, you can rename fields and values ​​/ content in drop-down menus.

  • Can I decide whether or not to fill in a field?

    Yes, it is managed via the HSEQ Editor (see instructions for this in the wiki).

  • Can we get graphs in all fields?

    The main rule is that all input can produce output, but it is not appropriate and perhaps a little difficult and unclear to extract statistics on free-text fields. However, it is only in the quick report modules (most used) and inspections / audits (checklists) that there are graph possibilities.

  • Is it possible to export content to Excel?

    Yes, you can export all quick reports and completed checklists to Excel if you are using one of the latest versions of the system.

  • We are going to use a new system, can our existing data be extracted from HSEQ Reports?

    It is fully possible to export all quick reports and completed checklists to Excel if you are using one of the latest versions of the system.

  • How can we use new modules?

    Then you will contact us in Mellora. The same applies if you need modules that do not exist. We manage to make the most that can be hung on an HSEQ peg.

  • We have a new logo, how can we update it?

    This is something we must do.

  • Do we need to set up all system users one by one?

    No, it is possible to create an import function that uses an Excel sheet where you can paste details that you may have available from other systems and then load this into HSEQ Reports for a quick setup.

  • How can we let the recipient of a report be more than just one person?

    You can create a user such as “Recipient” Group One” (in the first name + last name) and enter all the e-mail addresses of those to receive notifications. Another option is that you create an email address that several of your employees have access to locally on your own, and that it is used as the “common user” address that you can then create.

  • What is the difference between the different rights a user can have?

    This is explained inside the user control if you press the question mark. You can also go into the details in the help article for this.

  • What is the electronic crew list for?

    The crew list in HSEQ Reports can be used to check in and out of workplaces in a simple way and thus the regulations for this will be fulfilled. However, the module is preferably for companies in the construction industry that have people on various assignments that fall under special regulations.

  • Why is there a timesheet module in an HSEQ-tool?

    It is because control of the number of working hours is very much related to both HSE and quality, e.g. one has laws and regulations to deal with regarding the number of hours worked over a period (HSE) and because it can be beneficial to have control over the amount of work done for whom, so that this can be invoiced correctly and ensure good earnings and continued existence (Quality).

  • Can you attach videos to reports?

    Not by default, but it is possible for us to create functions for this.

  • Where is the data stored and are they secure?

    The data is stored in Norway in the data center of the Norwegian supplier Uniweb.

  • Does Mellora comply with the GDPR requirements?

    Yes, Mellora secures the data and has routines in placeregarding risk assessments and management of security deficiencies. There is no person-sensitive information collected if you do not use the electronic crew list where the social security number is needed, but Mellora cannot control which free text is entered, for example in quick reports, so this is the customer’s responsibility to have routines for.

  • We have employees who have quit. How can we prevent them from accessing the system?

    Individual users who are created and who no longer should have access can be deactivated via the user control in the HSEQ Editor (see help article). NOTE: if you DELETE the user, it is completely removed from the system and you cannot e.g. search him up to find his reports in the system. It is therefore important to use the function of setting them as inactive instead.

  • We have reorganized the company and need to update in the “Location” field. What should we keep in mind then?

    Control with values in drop down fields can be done by the administrator via HSEQ Editor. See separate help article with videos.

  • Several of the options in the drop-down menus are no longer relevant to us. How can we remove them?

    Control with values in drop down field can be done by the administrator via HSEQ Editor. See separate help article with videos.

  • Some of the checklist templates are not needed any more. Can we simply delete them?

    They can be deleted or set as inactive (unpublished from web and app). If they are completely deleted, all the checklists based on the particular template will also disappear, so it is best to unpublish only.

  • Are HSEQ Reports from Mellora good enough for ISO certification and requirements set by authorities etc.?

    Yes, but of course it requires that you use it correctly; you have an active non-conformance process, you create the documents needed, you carry out safety inspections / audits etc.

  • Why is there no content in the Document Centre (procedures, etc.)?

    HSEQ Reports is a tool, not a complete system with procedures and manuals etc. The reason for this is that we believe that it is every company / organization should develop what one needs, not use anything in general that others have created .

  • Is there access to a personal manual with laws / regulations that are automatically updated?

    No, there is not.

  • We have acquired another company, how do we get these started using HSEQ Reports?

    Contact Mellora to update the number of licenses and, if necessary, make adjustments to the changes needed, for example in the app’s settings.

  • Can’t delete reports from the system?

    Yes, but only the administrator has that option.

  • Things look absolutely strange on the screen of some HSEQ Reports users. Why?

    HSEQ Reports can be used on most recent browsers, such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Apple Safari. Internet Explorer works poorly and you can also have problems if you go online via e.g. a Citrix server.

  • Can reports be processed in the app?

    No, our thought is that the app is the collector, while the database on the web is the processor.

  • Do you have an Open API?

    Yes, for customers with customised versions of HSEQ Reports, it is possible to use our API to retrieve data for internal use if needed.