No More Paper!

We choose to say that our HSEQ-tools are actually common sense put into a system. Furthermore, it is a misuse of time to still be using old-fashioned paper based HSEQ-systems. Mellora’s tools are built for the digitized revolution that we are seeing now, and we started our process already back in 2012, hence;

We know how!



In 2012 we developed what was the world’s first open and totally free smartphone-application for reporting non-conformance, accidents, near miss and improvement proposals related to safety and quality (HSEQ). In retrospect, the app has been extended to include the possibility of documenting Safe Job Analysis (Job Safe Analysis) and Inspections & Audits. A module for “Timesheets” was added as default back in 2014. Using our free app as part of your general Safety and Quality work helps you meet the reporting requirements set in e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 (former OHSAS 18001).

Use HSEQ+ to register and submit HSEQ-reports and timesheets with a few keystrokes. Since the code in the application is not linked to any database, you are not dependent on having invested in a special incident processing system to use the app. The report goes directly to the selected recipient’s inbox in your email system, leaving the use of pieces of paper and other reporting systems redundant.

A pdf-generator that generates special formatted reports which can be used to create your organization’s complete reporting and analysing system. In addition, the timesheets will function as documentation when invoicing clients or paying out salaries to the employees. Customised versions of the app can be connected to our database HSEQ Reports (www.hseqreports.com).

HSEQ Reports

You do not need to install any software, update on a regular basis or worry about any hardware investments. Use your web browser to operate HSEQ Reports from wherever you are. Our goal is that our clients should not need any specific training to use the system. Log in, execute and log out. Keep It Simple!

Via the integrated service HSEQ Editor you may edit values in dropdown menus and add checklist templates with belonging descriptions (procedures) as you need. Define if the checklists should be visible only in database or in app and database and create logical category structures as comply with your company.

What gets added into HSEQ Reports can easily be analysed inside the system without drowning in options and features
  • A selection of some basic types of graphs are available to
  • Convert all input to valuable output.
  • Look at graphs showing number of reports
  • Get an overview of percentage
  • Check development over time (trend)
  • Get an overview of all costs related to the submitted reports.

That’s it and that’s that. No need to complicate common sense … However, if you really, REALLY need to do some more analysing and graph-creating, you can easily export the reports to Excel and fool around as much as you need to.


We offer a wide range of modules for handling HSEQ in a better way. Below you will find descriptions on what we can offer. In addition to these modules we specialise in developing customised modules and solutions (read about this further down). The modules marked with * is part of what we call a standard system while the rest are optional modules that can be added separately according to your needs

Quick-Reports *

Non-Conformity Reports or Near Miss/Near Hit reports etc. that are easy to fill out and send. Pre-defined fields, free text, GPS-feature, picture feature and signature feature are among the options you can get in this module.

Inspections & Audits *

Within no time you can transfer your paper-based checklists to a digital version for convenient and modern documentation of both Safety, Quality, Security and Environment. The users will always get access to the newest templates that you have made available and all necessary details/procedures belonging to the checklists can be displayed both at top level (checklist) and detail level (checkpoint).

Risk Evaluation *

Reducing risks to a minimum level is one of the most important topics related to HSEQ. With the module for this you may perform Safe Job Analysis and overall General Risk Analysis with a few keystrokes and only using common sense. Document who participates in the Risk Evaluation and what the main task is, then do a step-by-step Risk Evaluation on all subtasks needed. Included in the module is a Risk Matrix for defining both treats and opportunitets.

Timesheets *

Keeping track of time has never been easier with the timesheet module. Enter information about the time range of the timesheet and add entries for all working tasks as they happen. Define type of work and if it should be invoiced or not, and you will have a document giving you all details needed for both salary payments and client-work.

Document Centre *

This is an integrated module for Controlled Documents where you may build your entire document centre directly into HSEQ Reports. Upload, link in or write procedures, instructions, handbooks, prosess maps, datasheets etc. in HSEQ Reports and make the latest version available for all users the moment you click on save.

Info Centre *

Now and then it is important to distribute various information prompt. The Info Centre module gives you the possibility to create and send information to the users, directly in the app. A push message is triggered when a new HSEQ Info is sent, and the users will have access to the different messages received via the app’s archive.

HSEQ Planner *

Keeping track of all HSEQ-activities can be a pain in the … With our Planner you can easily create plans where you add what needs to be done during a period and who should be doing it. Automatic work flows and reminders make sure that everyone involved stays involved and do what their are supposed to.

Special modules

We have developed a numerous of special modules for clients all over the world. Project Management, Crew Whereabouts, Change Management and Training & Education are just a few examples. These special modules can be adjusted and used in lots of ways, and we have the knowhow how to use them!


We have delivered more than 200 customised versions of our to small, medium and large companies in countries like The United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Australia, The Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, France and Austria. This is a great opportunity to get your company’s own HSEQ-system fast and without having to develop it from scratch. Your version will include every standard module that you see in the original HSEQ + app, but with your content and graphics. In addition, you may specify all the changes you need and make requests for any special modules that your company might want to have in the system.

The customised versions of our system can either be delivered as only a stand-alone app or with connection to HSEQ Reports. All customised apps use the customer’s colours and logo both inside the app/system and on all prints (pdfs). This gives you not only a great HSEQ reporting tool, but also a magnificent opportunity to market your company with focus on Safety, Quality, Security and Environment.

Open API

For customers with customised versions of HSEQ Reports, it is possible to use our API to retrieve data for internal use if needed. Relevant areas of use can be if you use e.g. Power BI or want to visualize selected data on info screens in the company. Our API is available on Quick Reports which is the most used module in the tool.

Please have a look at our Clients page to see some of the companies we are providing our services to.