Client Case

– Easier, faster and better for all!

Accept Servicepartner AS was established in 1993 and is based at Lierstranda near Drammen, Norway. Since 2014, the company has used Mellora, initially as a free tool, but since 2018 the two companies have had a close collaboration.

– All our managers and many of our cleaners/canteen staff have access to the system and use it daily. In addition, many customers have their own user and use it to give us feedback, says Magne Helgheim, owner and marketing manager.

We are talking about a company in constant growth, because since 2005 until today there has been a good development. In 2020, Accept Servicepartner AS had a turnover of around NOK 200 million – and is established all over the country.

– We use Mellora’s tool mainly to document completed tasks and the quality of completed work. In addition, necessary documents such as cleaning plans and safety data sheets are readily available, continues Helgheim.

The company operates in cleaning, window washing, canteen operations, security and mat service. By using Mellora’s tools, everyday life has become better.

– It has clearly given us a competitive advantage in terms of easier communication and documentation for our customers. Before we got down to business with Mellora, we checked the market for FVD solutions, but we concluded that Mellora AS had the most user-friendly system.

The original plan for Accept was ease of use.

– Our starting point was to use Mellora’s solution to document the deliveries for permanent cleaning, but we have seen along the way that it can be used just fine for temporary cleaning and canteen services.

When it comes to using the tool from Mellora – Helgheim says:  

– Yes, this is an easy tool to use, especially compared to the competing solutions we have checked out. Here, there are user-friendly solutions, while at others we checked, the opposite was the case – more complicated solutions. Definitely a tool I happily recommend to others.