Client Case

– After two and a half years of use, we are impressed by the tool

Mellora AS has customers in several places – and in several countries. The Faroe Islands are one of the countries where there are gradually more customers. Faroe Ship is one of the customers in the country with its around 50,000 inhabitants.

– We have used the tool from Mellora for two and a half years, and we can state that we are very satisfied with the use of this – and not least how well it works, says Óluva Poulsen from the office in Tórshavn.

Óluva Poulsen - IT and Process Development Manager

It is the company Faroe Ship she is talking about – the company that uses Mellora’s tools for many different purposes, such as terminal, warehouse, workshop and office.

It makes the working day easier for everyone.

– With us, it is the head of department who processes reports and reports back to the person who has reported and sent the report. Errors and deficiencies are reported through the HSEQ app, she says.

Already after half a year, the company saw big – and good – benefits from using Mellora’s tools.

– The advantages are that mistakes and shortcomings in the work come to light daily and there are people who take care of these. We feel that employees are seen and heard. It’s the small repetitive mistakes that can make everyday life miserable – but now someone is doing something about this, because it turns out that the same mistakes and shortcomings are something that is repeated and that costs both money and time.

Poulsen goes on to say that the tool from Mellora AS has improved the business, among other things by making errors visible by employees paying attention to reporting and that “action” is taken when reporting.

– We have high expectations that the tool will help us further to strengthen our way of working. It is a very user-friendly tool, both app and desktop. It is comfortable to use, so we are glad we were recommended this tool by our consultant Atlanticon. We look forward to the continuation.