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Submitting a quick-report

After you have entered the permanent, necessary information into the app, you can start submitting reports. All the reports that are made with the app, will be sent into the processing system and a notification regarding the report will be sent to the chosen recipients of the report (which can be a standard recipient or a specific recipient for each report).

  • Press the menu icon on the top left corner (three lines placed below each other)
  • Chose “Quick reports”
  • Chose the relevant report type from the available types
  • Tap in the different fields to add more information
    • You will find date field, fields with different choice alternative and free text in the reports.
  • Use your finger to move the screen image so you can access the different fields
  • If you want to add a geographic location, you can press the “aim symbol” in the field for GPS
  • If the report is meant for another person than the person that is automatically shown in the field as a recipient of this report, you can overrule this
  • Press on the pen to sign the report (if activated)
  • Press on the camera icon to add a picture (either from the camera roll or take one directly)
    • Images that are added to a report can be pressed to either erase them, change or draw on them
  • Press Send to send the report
  • Press Save if you are not ready to send the report, but wish to store it temporarily in the app so you can continue/send it later
    • Press Back to go back to the main picture for Quick Reports after saving
    • Press the Archive drawer on the top right corner to get access to the stored reports as well as the report that have been sent.
    • Press on the specific report to open it
      • Reports with a warning triangle have not been sent
      • Reports with an envelope have already been sent
    • Press Edit to be able to erase reports from the app archive
  • Press Remove to erase the content you have entered