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Fylle ut en sjekkliste

When you have added the permanent, necessary information in the app you can start filling out the checklists. All checklists that have been created with this app will be sent to the processing system and a notification about the report will go out to the chosen recipient of the report (either a standard or a specific for each report).

  • Press the menu icon on the top left (three lines below each other)
  • Choose “Inspections and Audits”
  • Choose a category for the checklist you wish to fill out. The number in parenthesis indicates the number available checklist variants for the current category
  • Press to choose the correct checklist type
  • An explanation box will show up and explain what the different symbols mean. Press OK to close or Do not show again too close and at the same time stop this message from showing again
  • If a procedure is tied to the checklist you want to read, you can read this by pressing the question mark that is shown next to the name of the checklist.
    • You will find the same symbol next to different, individual checkpoints, to explain what is important with that checkpoint
  • Press the different fields in the opening section to enter information
    • You will find date field, fields complete with fixed choices and fields with free text in the reports
    • If a comprehensive explanation or procedures belong to the current checklist this will be shown by a question mark/information button to the right of the data field. Press this to read any additional information. Press Back to return to the checklist
  • Use your finger to move the screen image so you get access to the different fields
  • If necessary, press the arrow up to maximize the checkpoints
  • Assess the different check points and choose the necessary symbol by clicking your thumb x-times to move from green to yellow to red and to blue.
    • Press the arrow pointing to the right to access more details concerning the checkpoint
    • If necessary, add a picture. Pictures that are added to a report can be pressed to either erase, change or draw on the picture.
    • Add any explanatory comments
    • If the checkpoint requires creation of something like a Notification you can create this directly from the screen with the button Create Quick Report.
    • Any symbol to the right of the row of buttons with thumbs indicate that more detailed information is available. Press to get more details. Press Back to return to the checkpoint again.
    • Use the arrows up to the right to scroll up and down in the checkpoints
    • Press Back to return to the checklist main picture again
  • Press the pen to sign the report
  • Chose Save or Remove on the filled-in checkpoint. Stored checklists have been added to the module archive (“In progress”). Finished checklists have been added as “Completed”.
  • Press Send when all the information has been added and all the checkpoints have been taken into consideration
  • Press Back to return to the main screen of the module or press the menu button to go to another module

Open checklists that are in progress or finished by pressing the respective places on the screen. Press the current list to open or Edit to erase